kdb+ Bootcamp


kdb+ Bootcamp is aimed at developers and data analysts who are new to kdb+ and want to obtain a good grounding in the use of the technology. This is the equivalent of a 3-day introductory classroom-based training course in kdb+. The course contains a series of video tutorials demonstrating key concepts and giving examples. Short interactive quizzes and further practice questions allow you to test your knowledge as you progress, and links to helpful resources are provided. Please note: Purchase of this course entitles you to 8 weeks access to the materials.




Introduction and Getting Started

  • Getting Started
  • Moving Forward

Atoms and Lists

  • Introduction to Atoms and Lists
  • Basic Operations
  • Atoms
  • Introduction to Lists
  • List Operations
  • Hints and Tips
  • Atoms and Lists Conclusion

Dictionaries, Tables and Functions

  • Introduction to Dictionaries and Tables
  • Dictionaries
  • Operations on Dictionaries
  • Tables
  • Functions
  • Execution Control
  • Scripts
  • Debugging
  • Dictionaries,Tables and Functions Conclusion

Selects and QSQL

  • Introduction to Selects and QSQL
  • Using Select Statements
  • The Where Clause
  • The By Clause
  • Functional Form
  • Using an IDE
  • Selects and QSQL Conclusion

Keywords, Joins, Adverbs and Attributes

  • Introduction to Keywords, Joins, Adverbs and Attributes
  • Keywords
  • Joins
  • Asof and Window Joins
  • Adverbs
  • Attributes
  • Indexing, Applying and Amending (. and @)
  • Keywords, Joins, Adverbs and Attributes Conclusion

IPC and Web Access

  • Introduction to IPC and Web Access
  • IPC:Connecting
  • IPC:Sending and Recieving
  • kdb+ Through a Web Browser
  • IPC and Web Access Conclusion

File I/O

  • Introduction to File I/O
  • On-Disk Table Structure
  • Save and Load Files
  • File I/O conclusion

Data Analysis

  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Racking, Aligning and Pivoting
  • Comparing to a Profile
  • Trade Analysis
  • Map-Reduce and Parallelization
  • Data Analysis Conclusion

Supporting a kdb+ System

  • Supporting a kdb+ System Introduction
  • Kdb+ Tick Overview
  • Kdb+ Tick Setup
  • System Monitoring
  • Data Maintenance
  • Supporting a kdb+ System Conclusion

Broken HDB Exercises

  • Broken HDB Exercises

ITCH Parser

  • ITCH Parser Introduction
  • ITCH Parser
  • ITCH Book Builder

Self Assessment Quiz

  • Conclusion
  • Kdb+ Bootcamp Quiz

Bootcamp Bonus

  • Kdb+ Architecture Workshop